The Green Grubb Policy

What are we doing to be green?

Here is a list of actions we undertake to help reduce our impact upon the environment:~

  • All waste is sorted into its constituent types and recycled where possible (paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tins, glass, garden waste, compost, light bulbs, electronic goods, metals and cooking oils) 
  • Energy saving light bulbs are used where possible (the new LED versions are very good and dimmable!)
  • Natural cleaning products are used where practical
  • We do our laundry at low temperatures and only when it is a full load
  • We use refillable soaps and lotions in the bathrooms
  • We only replace guests towels when required
  • We are changing from radiators to towel rails in the bathrooms to reduce washing
  • We use recycled plastic bin liners
  • Our printers use recycled paper
  • We encourage guests not to use their cars

Will any of this effort make a difference?

Even if our collective efforts only amount to a drop in the ocean, what is any ocean but a multitude of drops? - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas.

Together we shall!


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