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The Green Grubb Policy

What are we doing to be green?

Here is a list of actions we undertake to help reduce our impact upon the environment:~

All waste is sorted into its constituent types and recycled where possible (paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tins, glass, garden waste, compost, light bulbs, electronic goods, metals and cooking oils)
Energy saving light bulbs are used where possible (the new LED versions are very good and dimmable!)
Natural cleaning products are used where practical
We do our laundry at low temperatures and only when it is a full load
We use refillable soaps and lotions in the bathrooms
We only replace guests towels when required
We are changing from radiators to towel rails in the bathrooms to reduce washing
We use recycled plastic bin liners
Our printers use recycled paper
We encourage guests not to use their cars

Will any of this effort make a difference?

Even if our collective efforts only amount to a drop in the ocean “what is any ocean but a multitude of drops” - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas.

Together we shall!

A warm welcome at the Great Grubb B&B

The Great Grubb B&B
Plymouth Road
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The Great Grubb garden

The food was delicious and the staff were very helpful. Good value for money!
C de Beer

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